Morgan Phillips

Morgan has been the co-ordinator of the Global Footsteps since 2009. Prior to that Morgan had been a key volunteer with the charity contributing to the design and delivery of the educational workshop programme for our Footstep conferences in 2005 and 2007. Morgan has travelled widely across our network visiting Russia, Jamaica, Slovakia, Kenya and Bangladesh during his time as a volunteer and now as our co-ordinator. He holds a PhD in education for sustainability and has worked closely with the charity’s trustees and members to transform Global Footsteps into a highly relevant and effective charity programme.

Arosh Ali

Arosh was born in rural Bangladesh and joined a wave of migrants headed to the UK in the early 1970s. Arosh has lived in the UK for over 30 years, but his heart and passion lies with his home nation and home region, Biswanath. In 2008, Arosh voluntarily took the decision to step away from his highly successful career as a restaurateur in the UK. Inspired by legends of international development such as Professor Muhammed Yunus and Dr Zafrulla Choudhury, Arosh now dedicates his life to community capacity building in his home village of Nowder. Arosh co-founded the HRA Foundation in 2008 and a sister UK charity, Friends of Nowder, in 2010. The ongoing successes of these two mutually supportive organisations are thanks to Arosh’s tireless dedication and commitment. He is a key part of the Global Footsteps family.

Desmond Campbell

Desmond has been involved with Global Footsteps since his lead role in hosting Footstep 11 at Moneague College, Jamaica. Desmond is an inspirational teacher to many and a true pioneer in Environmental Science and education in Jamaica. His passion and enthusiasm for his subject is clear in his drive to take environmental education out of the classroom and into the field. Students at Moneague college are privileged to have him and we’re very glad to have him as our man in Jamaica. Desmond followed his hosting role at Footstep 11 by travelling with two of his students to Footstep 12 in Slovakia. Those who have met him will never forget his creative instincts and amazing storytelling skills.

Emrah Omer Cam

Emrah has been involved with Global Footsteps since 2005 when he attended our Footsteps 10 conference in Cheltenham, UK. He is our man in Trabzon, Turkey, where he co-ordinates the Yomra Youth Group. Emrah is an entrepreneur and passionate about helping young adults to fulfil their potential. He is a strong advocate of intercultural linking and is keen to share his love of Turkey with the Global Footsteps family.

Glenn Standish

Glenn is a Global Footsteps legend having been involved with the charity since the mid 1990s, serving as its programme co-ordinator up until 2007. Glenn and his wife Ania now live in Torun, Poland, where Glenn works as an English language teacher. He continues to play an active role in the charity as an overseas trustee and helps us to co-ordinate volunteer placements in Torun. Glenn’s website, Torun Daily Photo, is rapidly gathering cult status. It is an up to date, sometimes quirky, window into a beautiful Eastern European city. We’re lucky to have a man of Glenn’s background and experience in our Global Footsteps family.

Jana Eyssel

Jana first got involved with Global Footsteps in 2005, when she represented Cheltenham’s German twin town Gottingen at the Footstep 10 conference in the UK. Jana has since gone on to study at the University of Leipzig and is a crucial Global Footsteps volunteer. She travelled to Ramnicu Valae in 2010 and has helped us to make real progress in finding a future link project there. Jana volunteered at Footstep 12 in Slovakia and later this year will help two UK volunteers to rejuvenate our links in her home town of Gottingen.

Lenka Zalubilová

Lenka is our main contact person in Cadca, Slovakia. She is part of the fantastic KERIC team and a fantastic new addition to the Global Footsteps family. Lenka knows everything there is to know about volunteering, her boundless energy and enthusiasm is infectious, rubbing off on all those who encounter her. She has travelled widely, volunteering on projects in Brazil, the UK and at home in Slovakia. As part of KERIC she helps to co-ordinate young adults taking part in the EVS programme and has already made the most of links she made at Footstep 12 to find volunteer opportunities for Kenyan’s in Slovakia and Slovakians in Kenya.

Margaret Kawala

Following the loss of her husband, Margaret founded Kosimbo, a self-help group for widows and orphans in her home village of Kirindo, 30 kilometres from Cheltenham’s friendship town Kisumu. Margaret became involved with Global Footsteps in 2009, when she hosted a volunteer party sent to Kenya to establish links with potential partner organisations. Margaret’s skills as a leader combined with her unwavering kindness and generosity are what keep the Kosimbo project going. She is a truly inspirational figure and made a huge impact on all those who spent time with her in Slovakia during our Footstep 12 conference.

Mikidadi Olela

Mikidadi’s involvement with Global Footsteps can be traced back to its origins when he was part of the Kenyan team who welcomed our founder Dennis Mitchell to Kisumu. He formed a close bond with Dennis and built a great friendship with him over many years. Mikidadi is an inspiring and selfless man; he contributes a huge amount to life in Kisumu involving himself in many community projects despite his own very humble lifestyle. Alongside Edwin Ochieng, Mikidadi has kept Kisumu’s linking organisation alive and has anchored our link with Kisumu. Mikidadi made his first ever journey out of Kenya in 2010 when he represented Kisumu at Footstep 12 in Slovakia.

Monika Krauze

Monika leads the team at Tilia Forest School just outside Torun in Poland. She became involved with Global Footsteps in 2010 at Footstep 12 in Slovakia. Monika is a passionate environmental educator and helped to establish Tilia as a fantastic community resource. She is keen to learn more about the environmental education methods used in other countries and we hope that we can learn lots from her too!

Steven Otieno

Steve is an extraordinary man. He grew up in the Nyalenda slum in Kisumu, one of the poorest slum suburbs in Kenya. Despite growing up as an orphan with few adults to look after him and help him develop, Steve managed to get himself through school and on into college. He developed skills in business and computer software and seemed set to carve out a successful career for himself. However, Steve, along with a few co-students resolved to not take this selfish route. He wanted to improve life in Nylenda and didn’t want to leave behind the place he calls home. Steven co founded CADIF and it has already made a huge difference to the lives of many in Kisumu.

Teodora Craivan

Teo is new to the charity, she volunteers at our Footsteps cafe in Cheltenham during her free time away from her studies at the University of Gloucestershire. She came to the UK from Romania and is keen to help develop our links with the Romanian town of Ramnicu Valcae. Teo is training to be an events manager and is vital to our local education programme in Cheltenham. She represented Romania at our Footstep 12 conference in Slovakia and will, we hope, be involved with the charity for many more years.

Zbigniew Szczesniak

Zbigniew (pronounced: Bish-eck) is part of the team at Tilia in Poland. He first got involved with Global Footsteps in 2010, when he hosted one of our trustees, Alison, in Poland, showing her round the Forest School and convincing her that Tilia would be a good addition to the Global Footsteps family. Zbigniew joined us in Slovakia for Footstep 12 and spontaneously brought along his eighteen year old son Pawel! He is very keen to help strengthen the links between the organisations in the Global Footsteps network.