Sponsored Events

By far the most enjoyable way to raise money for any charity is by doing something fun! You can choose to do just about anything to raise money for Global Footsteps and we make it really easy for you to tell everyone and can give you loads of top tips for generating sponsors!

Just think about your favorite activity and turn it into a fundraiser! Do you enjoy parties? Why not throw a party, charge an entrance fee and raise money that way. Do you like walking? Why not get a few friends together and set out on a long or difficult walk, up a mountain, down a river, or maybe round the whole of Cheltenham. How about cycling? One of our members cycled 100 miles around Cheltenham’s ring road in 2009 raising nearly £1000. Why not…. Have a jumble sale,bake a few cakes, do a sponsored silence,  stand on one leg all day, have a baked beans bath, read a whole book out loud, wash every car in your street, stay awake for 48 hours non-stop or run 10 miles for Global Footsteps?!

We can set you up with a Just Giving page to make it easy for people to donate to you. We can help you design posters, write emails and letters to publicize your event and help you collect the money. We can even get you in the local paper!  Get in touch with us with your ideas and we’ll help you turn them into a reality!