Kosimbo widows and orphans group started life in 2005. It was set up with the primary long term aim of eradicating poverty in the South West Seme of Kowemba division in the western district of rural Kisumu, Kenya. Since its beginnings this self help group has overcome many political and environmental challenges to improve the life of those it serves. A well has been dug to bring clean water to the area, a primary health care centre has been erected and staffed and many children have been able to find the funds needed to go to school. Still much needs to be done, this is one of the places where global footsteps volunteers can make a huge difference.

We need volunteers who can build things, mend things and garden. We also need people with medical skills, computer skills and teaching ability. Please fill out our volunteers form if you’d like to find out more.

You will be well looked after in Kisumu, we have a very strong relationship which stretches back to the foundations of the charity in the mid 1980s. We will place you with a host family and make sure that you are met at the airport in Nairobi and put on the right train or coach to reach Kisumu. Accommodation and food will be basic, but good and the climate is warm, but not stifling