Set in the cool hills of St. Ann Parish, Moneague College is one of the leading teacher training colleges in Jamaica. The college excels at Environmental Education and offers great opportunities for volunteers to help develop and run their expanding programme

We have been linked to Moneague College in Jamaica since 2005, when two students and the Principle visited Cheltenham, UK for our Footstep 10 conference. Two years later, Moneague college hosted Footstep 11, which cemented our excellent relationship. Since then, two students and their environmental science teacher, visited joined us in Slovakia for Footstep 12.

It should not take much to convince you to volunteer for a few weeks in Jamaica. We are on the lookout for those with environmental science and education backgrounds who can take the latest thinking and methods over to Jamaica to help them build on their excellent environmental education program. If you are interested in finding out more, please fill in the Volunteers form.


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