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Global Footsteps is an educational charity which links grassroots communities around the world to build resilience and resourcefulness. We do this by building and maintaining local and global partnerships, fostering cooperation and understanding across cultures, and bringing people together to volunteer and learn.

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Check out our exciting new Kenya Cook Stove project.

Cook Stove

This project, in conjunction with UK based CO2Balance, aims to provide up to 1000 families in Kisumu, Kenya with highly efficient cook stoves, saving firewood, reducing CO2 production and providing significant health benefits.

Global Footsteps will match donations for the cookstoves
project up to a total of £10,000. So if you give £10 the project receives

Donate your "airmiles", household, car or train travel CO2 production to help us fund this work.

Or “buy” a cookstove for a friend who has everything!

Full details to follow.

Cook Stove Family

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