Hello from Little Footsteps


Our partner, Little Footsteps (LFS), would like to say hello!

Cal, a Global Footsteps member and co-founder of Little Footsteps (with former Global Footsteps’ trustee Zuzana Neil), manages Little Footsteps, an international parent and children’s group (0-4 years old).

Since re-opening in June, LFS had a steady stream of new parents and children who have not been able to access such groups since the first lockdown. 

Some parents tell us that LFS has been the first interaction they and their babies/toddlers have had with other families. It is a social experience for both parents and children!

Both parents and us are delighted and relieved to have a regular playgroup to go to as many other groups have been unable to re-open. 

We would like to invite you or anyone you know to volunteer with LFS.
This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in socialising with diverse groups of people, interacting with children and building a sense of fulfilment and community. 

When and where LFS meet?

  • Meetings happen every Thursday morning during term time at the Quaker Meeting House, in Warwick Place. The space was recently refurbished, bringing some light into open rooms, and a new spongy surface to the outdoor area, which is much safer for the children to play on.
  • The Quaker Meeting House became a local Sanctuary Meeting in 2018, and LFS became eligible to use the building for free. For that, we are very grateful to the Quakers. 

How many families attend?

  • We have 15 families attending regularly. 
  • The average attendance per session is 6 -10 families, and these figures have not changed since LFS opened in 2016. 
  • Pre-Covid, families mostly came from Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Egypt, India, Lithuania and the UK. 
  • Since we re-opened in June, families are predominantly UK based.

If you are interested to learn more, attend or volunteer, please contact Cal Anton-Smith at littlefootsteps55@gmail.com

Information provided by Cal Anton-Smith


COVID-19 Update

Due to the Coronavirus, we have had to unfortunately close our charity and coffee shop in line with government regulations. On the other hand, our Foodloose shop has been given the go ahead to continue operation as this is considered an essential service, therefore please do continue to shop with us.

For more information, please visit FoodLoose website.

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