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Global Footsteps welcomes you into their fresh new Blog Posts page, where you can get access to useful posts from the charity team and our amazing Volunteers. 

All new posts would be available to you regularly.

Climate Justice in practice

Picture this: it’s late summer and the harvest needs to be gathered. Among your small patchof farmland are a few proud and bulbous ears of

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Have a Sustainable Merry Christmas

Christmas is now around the corner, and sustainable initiatives can be easily shelved for the next year. Throughout Cheltenham, we have been spotting recyclable wrapping

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Hello from Little Footsteps

Our partner, Little Footsteps (LFS), would like to say hello! Cal, a Global Footsteps member and co-founder of Little Footsteps (with former Global Footsteps’ trustee

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COVID-19 Update

Due to the Coronavirus, we have had to unfortunately close our charity and coffee shop in line with government regulations. On the other hand, our Foodloose shop has been given the go ahead to continue operation as this is considered an essential service, therefore please do continue to shop with us.

For more information, please visit FoodLoose website.

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