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Urgent Appeal: Aniga Women Kenya: Please donate now

In 2020 we provided support to our partners in Kenya the Aniga Women as they coped with the effects of COVID-19. They were already most at risk from the virus particularly as they were widows as a result of HIV.

The curfew and lockdown in Kenya had already made it difficult to generate income and when the area was also hit by torrential rain and floods Global Footsteps was able to raise funds to donate.

ANIGA is a community based organization based in Seme Sub-County, Kisumu County. Their aim as a group is to eradicate ignorance, diseases, poverty and violence in their community .

Global Footsteps is a charity based in Cheltenham UK. We work to raise awareness and understanding of sustainability as it relates to the environment, populations and natural resources of the world. We operate by providing and sharing information, supporting relevant projects and selling environmentally friendly products.

Locally we run a “refills” shop, “Foodloose and Plastic Free” helping people to reduce their plastic waste by refilling their own containers with food and cleaning products.
We also work with overseas partners the Aniga Womens’ Initiative in Kenya, supporting this self-help group with projects that help both the women and their environment.

Together we can help the Aniga Women

Images from the Floods in Kenya

Although cases of the COVID-19 virus in Kenya are largely confined to Nairobi and Mombasa at the moment, our partners the Aniga Women are facing severe difficulties. With social distancing and a nightly curfew being strictly enforced, their income has dried up. Many of them are widows with a high incidence of HIV infection which makes them vulnerable to the virus. To add to their problems, a prolonged period of heavy rain has resulted in Lake Victoria bursting its banks and severe flooding, leaving many families homeless.

We have launched this appeal to provide urgent help to the families and the community where they live at this time. The charity has already sent £1,500, and is hoping to raise another £3,500 as quickly as possible to help with their immediate needs.

Aniga Women

We aim to build links between our town and communities in other parts of the world, with a focus on sustainability and education. To that end we have a long-established partnership with the Aniga Women’s Community Based Organization in Kisumu county, Kenya. We have provided funding to help them to make energy efficient cookstoves and briquettes made from agricultural waste, ensuring they have more efficient and healthy cooking equipment in their local community, and an income derived from selling the products to other communities.

Current Situation

The women are widows with a high incidence of HIV infection and the sole bread winners for their families. Any exposure to the virus makes them especially vulnerable, and some are not able to go to their jobs because of the curfew. At the best of times they live a hand to mouth existence, but they are currently lacking resources to provide even the basics of food. Apart from social distancing, there is also a requirement to wash hands regularly with soap and water. Off course this is very important, but access to a water supply in the rural area where they live is not easy.

They need hand washing tanks, liquid soap and face masks to help address the COVID-19 situation. In addition, 10 of the women have lost their homes due to the flooding. In due course the community will help them to rebuild, but now they need mattresses, mosquito nets and blankets, as well as food.

The Aniga Women CBO will buy sacks of rice, beans, sugar, corn, as well as cooking oil to support their members made homeless. Our Foodloose customers will recognize those products – when buying your own supplies, why not donate the equivalent to the Aniga Women?

They desperately need your help.

Please donate now, it is urgent!

You can donate for mattresses, blankets, mosquito nests, and for hand washing tanks to fight COVID-19. Also, you can donate as much as you want to help the Kenya citizens to overcome this disaster. 

Click on the button above to Donate. It will open a new window for your donations.

Your Donations can make the Difference!


Below there are images and a video to show how Kenya fights the COVID-19 thanks to your donations.

Thank you!



COVID-19 Update

Due to the Coronavirus, we have had to unfortunately close our charity and coffee shop in line with government regulations. On the other hand, our Foodloose shop has been given the go ahead to continue operation as this is considered an essential service, therefore please do continue to shop with us.

For more information, please visit FoodLoose website.

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