Aniga Women Initiative

Aniga Women Initiative

Aniga Women Initiative Urgent Appeal: Aniga Women Kenya: Please donate now We urgently need your help to provide support to our partners the Aniga Women in Kenya as they cope with the effects of COVID-19. They are already most at risk from coronavirus, particularly as they are mainly widows who are HIV Positive. The curfew […]

Original Cookstoves Project

original cookstoves

Original Cookstoves Project This project, in conjunction with UK based CO2Balance, aimed to provide up to 1000 families in Kisumu, Kenya with highly efficient cook stoves, saving firewood, reducing CO2 production and providing significant health benefits. We have a long-established partnership with the Aniga Women’s Community Based Organization in Kisumu county, Kenya. Our original project, in association […]

Cookstoves Briquettes Project

Cookstoves Briquettes Project After the success of the original cookstoves project in association with the Aniga Womens Community Based Organisation we started supporting a project for healthier and more efficient cookstoves using briquettes as fuel. This involves a redesigned cookstove using briquettes and not wood. Recent regulation in some areas of Kenya forbid the use […]