What do we mean by Climate Justice?

In our time we are hearing ever more voices emphasising climate justice among those inpursuit of a climate friendly world. How we, as individuals, workers, and societies, can slowand reverse the issue is a mainstay in conversation among those actively campaigning ongreen issues, but has only recently begun to expand beyond this social sphere. To […]

Climate Justice in practice

Picture this: it’s late summer and the harvest needs to be gathered. Among your small patchof farmland are a few proud and bulbous ears of wheat, but most of them are stunted andwithout any product to gather. You kick the dry, almost sandy soil as you prowl through thesite of your labour, and curse the […]

Sanitary Products Distribution in Kisumu, Kenya

In January, our associate, Benter Ndeda, the CEO of the Aniga Women successfully delivered sanitary pads to local schools and reported back with some curious findings. Last year, for a “period poverty” project, Global Footsteps contacted Ethical Giving, a charitable trust that contributes to good causes in Gloucestershire. We received £2,000 to fund the project. The […]

22 Green Resolutions for 2022

A new year is often seen as a time for reflection and new beginnings. As we start to think about the many things we need or could be doing to improve our every day life, I would like to propose twenty-two suggestions of ways to adopt mindful thinking into your routine. Consider sewing, repairing or […]

Have a Sustainable Merry Christmas

Christmas is now around the corner, and sustainable initiatives can be easily shelved for the next year. Throughout Cheltenham, we have been spotting recyclable wrapping paper and food packages, which are great ways to get started! However, there are so many other ways to extend eco-thinking, we thought to give a few inspirations: Create your […]

Hello from Little Footsteps

Our partner, Little Footsteps (LFS), would like to say hello! Cal, a Global Footsteps member and co-founder of Little Footsteps (with former Global Footsteps’ trustee Zuzana Neil), manages Little Footsteps, an international parent and children’s group (0-4 years old). Since re-opening in June, LFS had a steady stream of new parents and children who have […]

Global Footsteps’ Retrofit

Wall Insulation

Recently, Global Footsteps trustees met up with Councillor Max Wilkinson to share ideas on how the charity can contribute to reducing carbon emissions. Max is Cheltenham Borough Council member for climate and communities, and lead member on the “Cheltenham Zero” initiative which includes the commitment for Cheltenham to become a carbon neutral borough by 2030.  […]